Huge is still being built, and I'm making little improvements every week. Here is how the platform currently stands.

This post is like a little snapshot of the platform at a very early stage but with most of the core functionality in place.

The dashboard

This is the simplest page so far 😆

This page will one day be the hub of your account and will display some nice stats and figures. For now, it's as simple as can be...

Posts page

This is where you'll find your published and draft posts, both text and audio.

The editor

I've spent a lot of time on the Huge editor. It needs to allow fluent writing along with the usual content elements (images, quotes, headings etc) PLUS it needs to allow for audio uploads, episode artwork and some access settings.

I love writing in the editor (I'm using it right now!) and am really happy with how it came out.


The members page is a currently a simple list of members, which click through to a mini profile (which will be expanded soon).


I've had to build out a reasonably large settings section already, mostly due to all the extra information required for running podcasts and membership sites.

One of my favourite things I've added so far is member-only artwork for podcasts, which allow publishers to use "premium" art for their members and regular art for public feeds 👍

Public sites

The other side of Huge is the public blog/podcast websites that are generated for each publication.

I've been busy working on a simple initial design for these, making sure all of the data is displayed nicely.

There is also a sign up and log in system in place using magic links over email for members to register and then access all member-only content.

RSS feeds

I've also worked really hard to getting RSS feeds working. There are currently three feeds in Huge:

  • regular RSS feeds for all public posts

  • public podcast feeds for all public audio posts

  • member-specific feeds for all member-only audio posts

Reading through the RSS specifications and making sure everything is in the right place has been a good exercise and I love working with standards like this.

There you have it! A quick overview of the current state of the Huge platform. As I mentioned above, I'm working on Huge weekly and making improvements, so things are bound to look different as soon as next week.

If you want to try out Huge for your own podcast, it's ready for users! You can sign up to the waitlist at or you can DM me on Twitter (@dr) for early access 😉