Well, this is exciting! 🥳

Welcome to my new product, Huge!

Huge is a new private-first publishing platform that marries audio and text content.

A new chapter for private podcasts

Who is Huge for?

It's aimed at companies and creators who want to publish private, gated content to their teams and audiences.

Think about the manager of a 20-person team, or a creator who wants a member-only podcast or blog. Huge will be an easy-to-use and all-encompassing platform that will allow people like this to publish private audio and text content to specific known groups of people.

What is Huge?

The publishing engine behind Huge is a combination of a blogging platform and a podcast host. You can publish text and audio content alongside each other, or stick to just one of the two mediums.

All content is gated to easy-to-manage members, with structures in place to make sure only the right people can see your content.

A huge benefit for creators is that with a member-only podcast, you can get email addresses for all of your podcast listeners. Podcast audiences are renowned for being anonymous, hard to define and basically impossible to directly engage with.

Of course, you can also publish public blogs and podcasts on Huge, too! It's private-first but not private-only.

The idea behind Huge

I've been working on building Huge for the past few months, but I've been mulling on the idea for Huge for many years.

I first started on a project I named "Bunch" in late 2019, which was going to be a way to integrate different social media and publishing platforms under a single membership or subscription.

I left that project alone when I started working on Cove and ilo in 2020 and put it on the back burner... but I never really forget about it.

Now I feel like it's an amazing time to bring this idea to life, but with a new focus: private publishing.

Audio, radio and podcasting have always fascinated me—it's almost exactly 10 years since I started my first podcast—and I'm really excited to be building in this space.

Huge's current status

I'm currently building an early alpha/MVP version of the platform, which will offer the basics of a podcast-plus-blogging host and membership platform. I will soon show this to some of my favourite podcast people to gain feedback and to try to get some crucial early users who can help shape the product.

I plan to do a more public launch later in the year and I already have a nice list of features and things to build for a second version.

I'm super excited for Huge and I am making a much bigger swing with this product than I have with any of my other projects.

I will of course be dogfooding while building Huge and will be publishing written posts and a (free) member-only podcast right here at building.huge.fm.

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